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Janet graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She immediately started to work in San Francisco advertising agencies and stayed in that field for about seven years. She then changed sides of the desk and began selling commercial printing to the advertising agencies. Feeling constrained by the printing equipment owned by her employer, Janet started her own printing brokerage firm, enabling her to produce projects nationwide.

In 1980 she met Lowell Herrero, an advertising illustrator with art talent far beyond the commercial jobs he was illustrating. Janet and Lowell became partners, both in marriage and in business, and Janet became the business/marketing arm of Lowell’s new fine art business. The collaboration was wildly successful, allowing them to build a home and studio in Calistoga and move away from the hectic life of San Francisco.

Janet is now a widow, but she continues to market Lowell’s art through reproductions and licensing. She followed the Rev. William “Father Mac” McIlmoyl to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Calistoga and his preaching has inspired Janet ever since. She now serves at St. Luke’s Treasurer.